The Oresteia – A Directed Studies Throwback

Posted by on Mar 11, 2024 in Blog,News

Yalies from both Maryland and DC seized the opportunity to see an ancient Greek tragedy, The Oresteia, in its final performance by The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company. This rare opportunity to see The Oresteia was also a moment of deja vu for many in the audience who had read The Oresteia during Directed Studies many years before. For those of us who were a bit more STEM-oriented, this adaptation of The Oresteia was both accessible and strikingly relevant as we look at the cycles of violence in our world that are alternately called justice and vengeance. This performance also marked a wonderful collaboration between the Yale Alumni Association of Maryland and the Yale Club of DC, with nearly 30 attendees between the two groups.

Two of our YAAM members pictured with the leading lady

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