So you’ve moved to Baltimore. Whether you moved for work, school, the cheap rent, or following love, welcome! Baltimore is an incredible city with a lot to offer, and it will certainly surprise you. It’s a hodgepodge of small neighborhoods, each with a distinct personality and history. Unlike other nearby cities, strangers will greet you on the street, and many of the residents have lived here their whole lives.

Welcome to the home of Edgar Allen Poe, Cal Ripken, Hairspray, Ouija boards, and (debatably) the first American bicycle. This city was a beacon to Frederick Douglass and, while our neighbors down the road might not admit it, really saved the day when the British came calling and DC couldn’t handle it. But the city is certainly not mired in the past. There are block parties, new celebrity chef restaurants, hole-in-the-wall eateries, kinetic sculpture contests, and so much more.

Below are a few resources that might be useful as you plan your move or get to know the city:

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