Shakespeare (and YAAM) in Love – October 2017

Posted by on Oct 21, 2017 in Blog,News

The movie Shakespeare in Love brought to life Shakespeare’s England, making its romance, rivalries, and restrictions come to life. On October 21st, YAAM got to see Shakespeare in Love come to life at Center Stage, Maryland’s state theater. Shakespeare in Love  was the second Center Stage performance for YAAM members in the beautiful renovated theater and our third event partnering with Resident Dramaturg (and Yalie!) Gavin Witt. During a pre-show talk, Gavin explained how it took nearly 20 years to craft this show after the movie became such a huge hit, as well as some of the historical (in)accuracy of the film and show. He also hinted at some new twists that had been added. The staged performance of Shakespeare in Love did not disappoint, offering up classic moments from the film as well as new laughs.

A huge thank you to Gavin for sharing his knowledge with us, and to the amazing cast (including multiple Yalies!) for a night we are all sure to remember.

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