Crivelli at the Walters

Posted by on May 12, 2016 in Blog,News

Joaneath Spicer led an intimate group of Yalies through her latest exhibit at the Walters, A Renaissance Original: Carlo Crivelli.  While Crivelli may not be the most famous Renaissance painter, his use of texture, shadow, and perspective brought incredible beauty to his religious scenes.  Joaneath led our group – whose members had varied backgrounds in art history – through the techniques used by Crivelli to draw the viewer’s attention to particular elements, to suspend reality, and to take into account the angle from which the painting would have been viewed, whether on a wall in a home or high above a church congregation.  After the tour, our group retired to Sugarvale to discuss art, life, and more.  A huge thank you to Joaneath for sharing her latest masterpiece with us!

DSC_4136 DSC_4148 DSC_4150

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